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Biostar DT Phenolic base disinfectant

Product description

Biostar DT® is one of the phenolic disinfectants which have an excellent antiseptic and disinfectant power over a wide range of gram negative and gram positive bacteria, virus and microorganisms.

Biostar DT® kill 100 types of bacteria and eliminate H1N1


Biostar DT® has a very good disinfectants power against so many kinds of Bacteria and micro-organism after dilution at recommended for: House and institutional care: Kitchen , Floors, Bathroom, drains, sinks, Nursery, hospital, hotel and Laundry. Family Care: Protection against the spread of common illness , Personal Hygiene , First Aid, Bites, Abrasions, cuts and Shower.

Great Value benefits

  • Good personal hygiene is essential to protect your family.
  • Offers also products to take care of minor wounds.
  • Safe for use when diluted at recommended usage rates.

Recommended Use Directions

For Medical application

Bites, Abrasions, cuts and wounds: wash with one part Biostar DT® solution in 20 parts of water then cover with cotton or dry gauze.

Midwifery For external antisepsis use one part Biostar DT in 40 part of water.

For personal care

Bathing: 13 to 25 ml Biostar DT® in the bathtub is hygienic and refreshing. No use for babies except on medical advice.

For Household uses

Laundry: use one part Biostar DT in 40 part of water
Floors and hard surfaces: use one part Biostar DT in 10 part of water Lavatories, drains, sinks: use undiluted Biostar DT.


Use only recommended amount of Biostar DT®. Supervise children while using the product; store it away from their reach. Upon contact with a person’s eyes, it can cause irritation. The eyes should be flushed out with water for at least 15 minutes, and if the irritation continues or increases seek medical help.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry and good ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed after opening. Prevent direct sun light or ignition sources. And keep away acids


Appearance: liquid

Color: Caramel

Odour: Pine

Solubility: milky after dilution with water

pH: 7.5 – 9

Packaging type: HDPE containers sealed caps.

Storage temp: max 30oC.


Should you need any additional Clarifications, kindly revert to MSDS or contact customer service personnel.