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Biostar HP Disinfectant

Product description

Biostar HP® is special designed Liquid disinfectant and germicide at ambient temperature and it has strong micro biocide effect (CDC Disinfection Guidelines).


Biostar HP® is an excellent disinfectant, alternative to harsh chlorine source materials.

Great Value benefits

  • Oxygen Power developer.
  • Broad-spectrum biocide combination: effective against disease causing bacteria, enveloped viruses (HIV, HBV), fungi, algae, yeast & moulds
  • Safe Use: Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive at use dilution

Recommended Use Directions

Use proper amount as needed.

USE Always freshly made dilutions.

Dilute Biostar HP by Add 70 ml of Biostar HP to 1 Liter of water at ambient temperature (35°C).


Use only proper quantity of Biostar HP ®, store it out of children’s reach. Upon contact with a person’s eyes, it can cause irritation.

The eyes should be flushed out with water for at least 15 minutes, and if the irritation continues or increases, seek
medical help.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry and good ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed after opening. Prevent direct sun light or ignition sources. And keep away acids


Description      Clear colorless liquid

pH as it is at 20 oC    2 to 4

H2O2 content % by weight     7 to 9 %


Should you need any additional Clarifications, kindly revert to MSDS or contact customer service personnel.