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Biostar CAPB-K

Product description

Biostar CAPB-K, is Heavy Duty detergent, Amphoteric blend of surfactants have dual functional groups
(both acidic and basic groups) in the same molecule.
Biostar CAPB-K is a viscous pale yellow transparent liquid and is used as a surfactant in treating high
protein / fat load septic waste.


  • Biostar CAPB-K: Is used sole or with Antiseptic material to treat high biological, protein and fat
    load of septic waste.
  • Biostar CAPB-K is Very mild amphoteric surfactant. It is high foaming and excellent thickening
  • Biostar CAPB-K Can be used with Antiseptics efficiently to clean and decontaminate septic areas in floor
    and farming industries.
  • Biostar CAPB-K has an exceptional safety profile and performs markedly well.
  • Biostar CAPB-K :Is environment friendly surfactant , biodegradable.
  • Biostar CAPB-K : Is sprayed foamed to greasy / septic areas using diluted solution of 100-200 ml /
    50 liter of water. Based on the grease/protein density.
    For sinks, pipes and traps use 25 ml/500 liter capacity.

Directions of Use with Antiseptic OxyPure Bio

  •  OxyPure Bio 15 is Peractic Acid in equilibrium with Acetic acid and Hydrogen peroxide, so a fresh
    diluted solution should be prepared daily for general disinfection / cleaning applications:
  •  Use 500 ml of OxyPure for each 50 liters of water to prepare fresh solution.
  •  Add 100 ml of Biostar CAPB-K Surfactant to above solution and spray mix to the targeted
  •  For Septic Tanks and to control odor / de-contaminate, please use shock dose of undiluted
    OxyPure; 250 ml/Cubic Meter of septic waste. A maintenance dose of 100 ml / Cubic Meter weekly.
  • For degreasing and decontamination of sinks and drain pipes, use undiluted OxyPure, with Biostar
    CAPB-K Surfactant mix ( OxyPure 100 ml + 25 ml Biostar CAPB-K Surfactant / 500 liter (pipe, drain and
    trap) capacity.
  • Above Dose is the recommended dose for optimum Antiseptic/Cleaning Applications.
    can be adjusted based on area biological and Protein / Grease load to save reagents.


Biostar CAPB-K store in sealed original containers and at temperatures between 15° C and 45 ° C. Store in dry and cool place, kept away from sunlight and rain and keep container tightly sealed. On account of its high salt content the product can have a corrosive effect during storage in stainless steel tanks.
Maximum storage period 24 Months


25 Kg, Sealed Drum.