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Biostar 14 Enzymatic liquid laundry detergent wet clean

Product description

Biostar 14 is Enzymatic liquid laundry detergent with a BRILLIANT formulation that is easy to dissolve, leaves
no residua, and produces low foam.


Biostar 14 is a synergistic blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants for effective cleaning of laundry with built
in water softener. Anionic and Non ionic surfactant are useful to remove the fatty and particulate soils, while the
enzyme helps in degrading and removing the protein soils such as blood and food. It can be used with oxygen
bleach for effective stains removal. It is suitable for washing white cotton, colored cotton and polycotton fabrics.

Great Value benefits

  •  Removes:
  •  Grass, oily, fatty Soil.
  •  Very effective on cuff and collar grime.
  • Contains whitening agent to prevent graying.
  • Contains Enzyme to remove protein soils such as blood and food.

Recommended Use Directions

Recommended dosage for prewash and main wash at temperature from 30 oC to 90 oC.

Light Soil: 5 – 9 ml per kg of dry load
Medium Soil: 10 – 13 ml per kg of dry load
Heavy Soil: 14 – 25 ml per kg of dry load

Packaging type

HDPE containers sealed caps.

Storage Conditions

Store Biostar 6 ® in a well ventilated area away from direct sun light or ignition resources. Storing Temperature Limit: max 35 oC.


Use only assigned quantity of Biostar 14 Store it out of children’s reach. Upon contact with a person’s eyes, it can cause irritation. The eyes should be flushed out with water for at least 15 minutes, and if the irritation continues or increases, seek medical help.


Appearance             Colorless to yellowish liquid

pH                 9 – 10.5


Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool, dry and good ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed after opening. Prevent direct sun light or ignition sources.

Storing Temperature Limit

max 35 oC.

Maximum Storage Period

12 Months under standard storage conditions


Should you need any additional Clarifications, kindly revert to MSDS or contact customer service