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Duradd 5

Product description

Duradd 5 is a special blended powder of titanium complex compounds to condition and refine metal surfaces prior to zinc phosphating for spray and immersion systems.


  • Duradd 5 refines and activates the metal surface to form fine crystalline & uniform zinc phosphate coating on it.
  • Duradd 5 produces very excellent results at very low concentration and even tolerates hard water in its preparation in both spray and immersion systems.


  • Duradd 5 moderates and lower the consumption of zinc phosphate chemicals.
  • Duradd 5 helps to get very smooth and fine Zinc phosphate coating for better adhesion of final finish and lasting corrosion protection to iron, steel and galvanized steel..

Physical & chemical Properties

  • Appearance     Powder Color   white pH (0.3%) at   25 oC 9.2 ±0.3 Total   Alkaline Points (0.3%) 3.4±0.5    Solubility in water    (under desired quantity)    Soluble


  • The main process tank can be fabricated from stainless steel or mild steel.

Process Sequences


Operating Parameters

  • Concentration(w/v%):     0.1 to 0.3 Total alkaline     point :     0.5 to 3.5 Temperature. :     20 to 40 0C. (Max.)     Pressure. : 1 to 1.5 bars. Time. : 30 to 60 Sec.    PH value. :     8.7 to 9.5

Initial Preparation

  • Add Duradd.5 in range from 1 to 3 kg per 1000 liter in refining tank while mixing.
  • It is recommended to dissolve powder in pale water before add to bath.