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Duradd RN

Product description

Duradd RN is an additive for electroless nickel process.


  • Duradd RN contains an additive especially formulated to increase the process rate and decrease application time.


  • Duradd RN is a specially formulated product most suitable for electroless nickel plating on steel iron applied in immersion process.

Physical & chemical Properties

  • Appearance       Crystalline powder
    Color         White
    Solubility in water at 250c          Soluble
    (under desired quantity)


See the original electroless nickel product TSD.

Process Sequences

  •  Refer to TSDS of Duraphos 515

Operating Parameters

  • Duradd RN is adding as activation additive to Duraphos 515 Bath, the optimum parameters of Duradd RN is 15 to 20 g/lit for optimum deposition.

Initial Preparation

  •  Duradd RN is adding during the process and not prepared initially in the bath since Duraphos 515 is self activated product.