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Duracolor 400

Product description

Duracolor.400 is a finely balanced powder of metallic
salts contains Tin (II) as major constituent to provide
champagne to dark electrolytic coloring on aluminum during anodizing.


  •  Duracolor.400 can produce variety of color shades
    on aluminum by fine-tuning the process with very low
  •  Duracolor.400 has high throwing power and excellent results can be obtained by monitoring the
    operating temperature.



  •  Duracolor 400 is electrolytic coloring applied only on
    aluminum in immersion process with special
    attention required keeping the operating
    temperature below 25 oC to obtain better coloring.

  • Different shades of colors from golden champagne to
    black can be produced depending upon immersion
    time and current density.

Physical & chemical Properties

  • Appearance       Crystalline powder
    Color         White
    Solubility in water at 250c          Soluble
    (under desired quantity)


Duracolor 400 tanks should be made of isolated stainless
steel or mild steel lined with rubber, PP, PVC, or other
acid resistant material.

Process Sequences

  •  Cleaning and degreasing
  •  DI Water rinse
  •  Etching with Caustic Soda
  •  DI Water rinse

  • Desmutting
  •  DI Water rinse
  •  Anodizing

  • DI Water rinse
  •  Coloring with Duracolor 400
  • dealing
  •  DI Water rinse

Operating Parameters

Concentration (w/v %)         1.0 to 1.8
Temperature0C                18 to 24

                           20 to 22 (preferably)
Time           15 sec to 15 min*

Initial Preparation

  •  Add 10 to 18 kg of Duracolor 400 per 1000 lit of operating bath volume
  •  Add 18 to 22 kg of sulfuric acid per 1000 lit of operating tank.
  •  Add 1.5 liter of Duracolor S in the operating bath for each 1.0 kg of Duracolor 400.