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Duracolor R

Product description

Duracolor R is powder of ferric ammonium oxalate used for gold coloring anodized aluminum.


  • Duracolor .R provides shade from weak
    nickel silver to gold and brass coloring.
  •  Duracolor. R is easy to use product since
    only it depends on pH-value and


  • Duracolor .R is a high-effective coloring dye
    in the anodizing process.

Physical & chemical Properties

  • Appearance       Powder
    Color         Pale yellow green
    PH (1%) at 25 oC       5 ± 0.5
    Solubility in water                              Soluble                       
    (under desired quantity)


Duracolor R tank should be made of stainless steel or mild steel lined with rubber, PP, PVC, or other acid resistant material.

Process Sequences

  •  Cleaning and degreasing
  •  DI Water rinse
  •  Etching with Caustic Soda
  •  DI Water rinse

  • Desmutting DI Water rinse

  • Anodizing
  •  DI Water rinse
  •  Coloring with Duracolor R
  •  Sealing cold
  •  DI Water rinse

Operating Parameters

Duracolor R Conc.                5 – 15 kg / 1000 lit
Temperature                40 to 50 o C
Time:             Depends on shades
pH                       4.5 ± 0.5 *

Initial Preparation

  •  Add 5.0 to 15 kg of Duracolor R per 1000 lit of
    operating volume.
  •  It is desired to prepare bath freshly, materials subject
    to oxidized.


  •  Current variation may cause color variations.
  •  To increase throwing power in elctrocoloring
    bath, Duracolor S can be used.