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Duraseal 410

Product description

Duraseal 410 is liquid blended product for the hot water
sealing of anodized aluminum.


  •  Duraseal 410 can be diluted with water at low ratio
    percentage depending upon the electrolytic color in
  •  Duraseal 410 doesn’t coagulate due to carried over
    foreign salts or thermally cracked at the heating plates.
  •  Heavy metal ions from the coloring bath will not
    influence the effectiveness of sealing bath.


  • Duraseal 410 is used as an additive to the hot water sealing bath for the prevention of sealing smudge during
    the sealing process.

Physical & chemical Properties

  • Appearance                         Liquid.
    Color                            Colorless
    PH (1%) at 25oC             5.8 ± 0.3
    Sp gr. @ 25oC                    1.03 ± 0.05
    Miscibility in water                    Miscible


Tank should be made from stainless steel or any other
acid proof material.

Process Sequences

  •  Cleaning and degreasing.
  •  DI Water rinse
  • tching with Caustic Soda
  •  DI Water rinse
  •  Desmutting
  •  DI Water rinse
  •  Anodizing
  •  DI Water rinse
  •  Electrolytic coloring
  •  Hot Sealing with Duraseal 410
  •  DI Water rinse

Operating Parameters

Concentration(%w/v)                0.1 to 0.3
Temperature oC              95 to 100
pH           to be maintained at 5.8
Time               1 – 2 min/micron deposit

Initial Preparation

  •  Duraseal 410 is added at the rate of 1 to 3 g / lit of
    operative volume of bath.
  •  Concentration of bath largely depends upon the
    shade of color in production.


  •  Phosphate, silicates and fluorides are considered as
    sealing poisons and should be avoided.
  •  Carry over from alkaline or acidic bath will upset the
    pH of sealing bath, it should be checked regularly
    and controlled as much as possible.
  •  Uncontrolled bath will produce bloom on the work
    piece. Preparation of over concentrated bath should be
  •  Addition of 1.5 to 2 gm s/lit of Nickel acetate will help
    to avoid bloom.
  •  Bath circulation to be maintained all the time.
  •  Sealing bath should be change periodically