Product Categories / Metal Treatment / Aluminum Treatment / powder-coating


Product description

Durapass.714.A and Durapass 714B are two component
system specifically formulated to give chrome free conversion layer on aluminum. 

Durapass.714.A/B are QUALICOAT approved products for chrome free passivation.


  •  Durapass.714 A/B is formulated as a NO-Rinse
    passivation for aluminum pretreatment line industry to
    provide superior adhesion and a good corrosion
  •  Durapass.714.A/B is an environmental friendly product
    producing thin uniform transparent chromium free coating
    at low concentration and temperature on aluminum


  • Durapass.714 A/B is specially formulated liquid product
    for spray and immersion system for aluminum alloys.

Physical & chemical Properties


Color             Pale yellow liquid
Odor                Characteristic
PH (1%) at 25oC          3.4 ± 0.2
Density at 25oC               1.03 ±0.02 g/cm3
Miscibility in water             Miscible


Color              Colorless liquid
Odor              Characteristic
pH (1%) at 25 oC             2.3 ± 0.2
Density at 25 oC             1.06 ± 0.03 g/cm3
Miscibility in water          Miscible 


Main tank can be fabricated from hard PVC or stainless steel or fluoride resistant plastic. All other equipments in contact of stainless steel 316.

Process Sequences

  •  Cleaning, Degreasing, Etching, desmutting .
  •  Rinse with water
  •  Rinse with D.I water
  •  Passivation using Durapass 714 A/B.
  •  Drying

Operating Parameters

Concentration (v/v %)
Durapass 714A             1.2
Durapass.714B             1.7
pH               2.5-3.2
Time (sec)            30 to 90
Temperature (0C)             25 to 35
Nozzle pressure (Bar)            1.0 to 1.5
Maximum Iron Content        10 ppm  

Initial Preparation

Add 12 litter of Durapass.714A & 17 liter of Durapass.714B per 1000 Liter.


  •  Bath is sensitive to iron contaminations.
  • D.I water should be used to prepare the bath
    with max conductivity 50 μS.