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Duraclean 102

Product description

  • Duraclean.102 is an acidic multi functional product based on inorganic acids blended with special surfactant and fluorinated additives.


Duraclean 102 is a multipurpose acidic cleaner for aluminum and its alloys. It is design to obtain properly cleaned matt finish substrate with minimal loss of metal at normal ambient temperature for subsequent coating.


  • Duraclean 102 formulated for improved etching rate.
  •  Duraclean.102 is a tetra action product with degreasing, etching, deoxidizing and desmutting all at one time.
  •  Duraclean.102 can be used in dip and spray applications.
  •  Duraclean.102 is specially designed for aluminum and its alloys.
  •  Duraclean.102 operates at low concentration and ambient temperature with minimal desiredetch for superior surface preparation.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Appearance :Liquid.
Color :Colorless clear.
pH (1% ) at 25oC :≤ 3
Sp. gr at 25oC: 1.2 ± 0.05 g/cm3
Total Acid point (1%) :9.2 ± 0.5 (0.1 N NaOH)
Foam Test :Nil :Miscible.


Duraclean 102 tanks, pumps and fittings should be
of stainless steel or mild steel lined with rubber, PP,
PVC or fluoride acid resistant coating.

Operating Parameters:

                                              Spray              Dip

Concentration (%v/v)          1.2 to 3           2 to 5
Pointage                            11 to 28            18 to 45
Temperature (oC)             Ambient            Ambient
Time (min)                            1 to 3             2 to 10
Nozzle pressure (Bar)         1.0 to 1.5               –
pH                                       ≤ 3                            ≤ 3

  •  Operating parameters could be changed
    according to different line applications and
    operating conditions 

Process Sequences:

  •  Cleaning, Degreasing, Etching, desmutting with
    Duraclean 102.
  •  Rinse with water
  •  Rinse with water
  • Chromating or chrome free treatment with Dura
  •  Rinse with water
  •  Rinse with D.I water
  •  Drying

Initial preparation:

  •  Add 20 to 50 liters of Duraclean 102 per 1000
    liter of operating volume (for Dip). And 12 to 30 liters per 1000 liters of operating volume (for


  •  Skim the oil from the surface of the tank at least twice in a shift.
  •  Though Duraclean 102 gives sludge free
    operation but like all chemical tanks it needs periodic cleaning depending upon the workload.