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Duraclean 300

Product description

  • Duraclean.300 is organic solvent multi functional product
    based on blended formulation with special organic additives.


Duraclean 300 is a multipurpose cleaner for aluminum and steel coils in pressurized nozzles spraying system.


  •  Duraclean.300 is work as degreaser, oil dissolver and
    ink or print removal from surface.
  •  Duraclean.300 is specially designed as predegreaser
    of aluminum and galvanized steel coils in coil coat line.
  •  Duraclean.300 operates at short time and ambient
  •  Duraclean 300 is ready to use product, used directly
    without any dilution with water.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Appearance :Liquid.
Color :Colorless clear.
pH at 25oC :3.6 ± 0.2
Sp. gr at 25oC :0.97 ± 0.03


Duraclean 300 tanks should be of stainless steel or mild
steel lined with rubber, PP, PVC or acid resistant coating.

Operating Parameters:

Duraclean 300 is ready use product, No need to
prepare dosage with water. Works at ambient temperature. Keep tanks covered during work or when line is stopped.

Process Sequences:

  •  Cleaning, Degreasing, with Duraclean 300. Rinse with water
  •  Degreasing with Alkaline Duraclean 283.
  •  Rinse with water
  •  Chromating or chrome free treatment.
  •  Drying

Storage Information

  • Storage & Handling
    Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a
    cool, well-ventilated area. Do not expose to direct
    sun. Flammable product. Avoid store near alkaline,
    acids and ignition or spark sources.
    Store in temperature not above 35oC.
    Packaging Type
    HDPE containers, outer sealed with ventilated cap.
    Shelf Life
    One year from date of production if stored in normal
    Standard Packing
    Duraclean 300 is available in 1000 Kg HDPE IBC.