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Duraclean 200

Product description

  • Duraclean.200 is a homogeneous alkaline silicate based powder product with surfactant used to clean the steel substrates.


Duraclean.200 is most suitable for iron, steel,
aluminum die cast and zinc.


  •  Duraclean 200 is medium foam heavy duty alkaline cleaner specially designed for spray systems.
  •  Duraclean 200 is a specially designed multi metal cleaner to remove dust, heavy oil, grease and soil from the work piece in a very short span
    of time with the help of its superior detergent component of formulation and emulsification power.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Appearance :Free.flowing.powder
Color :White to yellowish
pH (1%) at 25 oC :12.2±0.4
Total Alkaline Points (1%): 11.5±0.5
Free Alkaline Points (1%): 8.5±0.5

Foam Test (1%)ml :60±20 :  Soluble
(under desired quantity)


The main process tank can be fabricated from mild
steel. All the spray nozzles should be of stainless
steel or PVC to avoid corrosion.

Operating Parameters:

Concentration (w/v %) :1 to 3
Pointage 8.0 – 25
Temperature (0C): 45 – 65
Time (min) :1 – 3
Nozzle pressure (Bar) :1.0 – 1.5

Process Sequences:

  •  Cleaning and degreasing by Duraclean 200
  •  Water Rinse.
  •  Water Rinse.
  •  Metal finishing

Initial Preparation

  • For fresh preparation add 10 to 30 kg of Duraclean 200
    per 1000 liters of operating volume.


  •  Before adding Duraclean 200 to the bath dissolve it in
    a little amount of warm water.
  •  Skim the oil from the surface of Duraclean.200 tank at least twice in a shift.
  •  Clean the tank at least once in two months to remove
    all the deposited silt and dust in the bottom.
  • Check the free alkaline point at least once in a day
    before replenishment.