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Duraclean 201

Product description

  • Duraclean 201 is an alkaline powder cleaner and degreaser based on phosphate, carbonate and special surfactant, to clean the substrates effectively and economically.


  •  Duraclean 201 It is most suitable for aluminum and zinc substrate.
  •  Duraclean 201 is slightly foaming alkaline cleaner specially designed for aluminum profiles
     leaning in immersion systems in powder coating line.


  •  Duraclean 201 removes dust, oil and grease at fairly low concentration due to its high detergency
    and emulsification power.
  •  Duraclean 201 is a specially designed multi metal cleaner to remove oil, grease and soil from the
    work piece in a very short span of time with the help of its superior detergent component of

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Appearance: Powder with lumps
Color: White to Brownish
pH (1%) at 25 oC :11.4 ± 0.5
Free Alkaline Points (1%) :3.0 ± 0.3
Total Alkaline Points (1%) :5.9 ± 0.3
Foam Test (1%) at 25oC :20 ± 10  :Soluble
(under desired quantity) 


The main process tank and all other equipments can be fabricated from mild steel but stainless steel is recommended for longer life and maintenance free service.

Operating Parameters:

Concentration (w/v %): 2.0 to 5.0
Pointage :12 – 30
Temperature (0C): 50 – 60
Time (min) :5 – 15

Process Sequences:

  •  Cleaning and degreasing by Duraclean 201
  •  Water Rinse.
  •  Water Rinse.
  •  Acid etching with Dura product
  •  Water Rinse.
  • Water Rinse.
  •  Chromating or chrome free treatment with Dura products
  •  DI Water Rinse.

Initial Preparation

  • Add 20 to 50 kg of Duraclean 201 per 1000 liters of
    operating volume for immersion system.


  •  Skim the oil from the surface of Duraclean.201
    tank at least twice in a shift.
  •  Clean the tank at least once in two months to
    remove all the deposited scale and dust in the bottom.
  •  Check the total alkaline point at least once in a
    day before  replenishment.