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Duraclean 206

Product description

  • Duraclean 206 is a powder degreaser especially formulated to clean aluminum with high deposits of
    polishing paste in anodizing process.


  • Duraclean 206 is the most suitable degreaser and cleaner for aluminum profiles and panels prior to


  •  Duraclean 206 is a product specially formulated for
    aluminum to clean and degrease without etching at
    medium temperature and low concentration in
    immersion process.
  •  Duraclean 206 cleans polished aluminum profiles
    without shade off the polished surface.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Appearance :Free flowing powder
Color :White.
pH (1%) at 25 oC :9.1 ± 0.3
Total Alkaline Points (1%): 3.7 ± 0.3
Foam Test (1%) :90 ± 20 ml
Solubility in water:Soluble

(under desired quantity)


The main process tank and all other equipments can be
fabricated from mild steel but stainless steel is
recommended for longer life and maintenance free

Operating Parameters:

Concentration (%w/v) :2.0 – 5.0
Pointage: 7 – 18
Temperature (oC) :45 – 50
Time (min): 3 – 10

Process Sequences:

  • Duraclean 206 (Cleaning / Degreasing)
  •  Rinsing Etching with Caustic Soda with Duradd 46
  •  Rinsing
  •  Desmutting
  •  Rinsing
  •  Anodizing
  •  Rinsing
  •  Electrolytic coloring
  • Sealing
  •  Rinsing with DI Water.

Initial Preparation

  • Duraclean 206 is to be added 20 to 50 Kg per
    1000 Liters of operating solution. It is advisable to dissolve the powder of Duraclean 206 in a
    pale of water before adding it to the bath.


  • Spent solution should be neutralized before
    disposing off.
  •  Degreasing tank should be cleaned at least once in two months to remove all the sludge.
  •  Alkaline point analysis to be carried out at
    least once in a day especially in the morning.