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Duraclean 283

Product description

  • Duraclean.283 is alkaline liquid for steel and aluminum
    used in coil coating painting processes.


  • Duraclean.283 is effective cleaner for galvanized,
    electrogalvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum –
    zinc alloy and cold roll steel strips.


  •  Duraclean.283 cleans variety of coils substrates,
    which makes it most suitable product for strip cleaning
  •  Duraclean.283 is design to remove oxides from
    galvanized, steel and aluminum surfaces.
  •  Duraclean.283 slightly etch
  • aluminum whilst rinsing free from smut, it contains special sequestrate which prevent aluminum and zinc from precipitation in the tank. Thus minimizing sludge formation.
  •  Duraclean 283 is a low dosage medium temperature
    cleaner specially design for continuous strip cleaning application where the cleaning time is short and
    cleaner has to be improved to accomplish the job
    within short time period.
  •  Duraclean 283 can be used as alkaline cleaner in aluminum powder coating line prior to acid etch tank. It improves the desired etching rate.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Appearance: Liquid
Color: Yellowish
pH (1%) at 25 oC :12.8 ± 0.3
Sp gr. at 25 o C: 1.35 ± 0.05
Free Alkaline Points (1%) :9.2 ± 0.5
Total Alkaline Points (1%) :10 ± 0.5
Foam test@ 25oC (1%) ml :20 ± 5


Tanks can be Mild steel; however pipes and work
fittings and other equipment brass, aluminum or
other light alloy fittings must not be used.

Operating Parameters:

Concentration (%v/v) :1.0 – 3.0
Free Alkaline point :9 to 27
Total Alkaline Point :10 to 30
Temperature (oC) :50 – 65
Time (Sec) :20 – 60
Nozzle pressure (Bar): 1.0 -1.5

Process Sequences:

  •  Cleaning/Degreasing using Duraclean 283
  •  Hot water rinsing
  • Drying
  •  Passivation or chromate by Dura products.
  •  Drying


  •  Cleaning will build up metal contamination in the bath, which may affect the cleaning performance. Therefore bath needs to be cleaning time to time.
  •  If the solution of bath left to stand and it separates in oil and water phase then this bath should be disposed off.