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Product description

Durapass.716 is a product specifically formulated to
give chrome free conversion layer on galvanized steel
Durapass.716 is specifically formulated product
based on zirconium used where strict environmental
conditions does not allow the use of chromium based
products, for the pretreatment of coil coating


  • Durapass.716 is specially formulated liquid product mfor galvanized steel coils in coil coating lines.


  •  Durapass 716 is formulated as a NO-Rinse
    passivation for steel coil coat industry to provide
    superior adhesion and a good corrosion resistance.

  • Durapass 716 produces uniform transparent
    chromium free coating at low concentration and
    temperature on coil coating lines.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance               Clear colorless liquid
PH (Direct)at 25 oC                3.2 ± 0.1
Density at 25 oC                1.0 ±0.04 g/cm3
Total Acid Point (Direct)                  7.2 ±0.07


Main tank can be fabricated from hard PVC or
stainless steel or fluoride resistant plastic. All other
equipments in contact be of stainless steel 316,PU

Analysis “Total Acid Point, TAP”

  •  Take 10 ml of solution.
  •  Add 50 ml of distilled water
  •  Add 5 to 6 drops of phenolphthalein indicator.
  •  Titrate it against 0.1.N sodium hydroxide solution.
  •  End point from colorless to pink.
  • Sodium hydroxide consumed will give total acid

Process Sequences

  •  Cleaning, Degreasing.
  •  Rinse with water
  •  Rinse with D.I water
  •  Passivation using Durapass 716.
  • Drying

Operating Parameters

Durapass 716 is ready use product, No need to prepare
dosage with water.

Initial preparation

  •  Durapass.716 is used as it is without further
    Dilution fresh continuously, No need for chemical

  •  Maintain total acid point minimum 6.5, below which the
    recycle should be discarding and new fresh material
    should be used.


  • Bath is sensitive to iron contaminations, Iron content
    should not be more than 10 ppm.

Storage Information

  • Storage & Handling
    Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a cool,
    well-ventilated area. Do not expose to direct sun. Stable
    nonflammable product. Avoid store near alkaline, reducing
    materials. Store in temperature not above 40oC.
    Shelf Life
    one year from date of production if stored in normal
    Packaging Type
    HDPE containers , outer sealed with ventilated cap
    Standard Packing
    Durapass 716 is available in 25kg can ,200 kg plastic drum
    and 1000 kg IBC.