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Durapass 780

Product description

Durapass.780 is a liquid chromate based product for
passivation of aluminum and steel iron coil coating
process lines


  •  Durapass.780 is especially made for coil coat line
    using Squeegee technology or Chemcoater.

  • Durapass.780 is ready to use product, no need
    for bath make up or replenishment.


  •  Durapass.780 is used prior to application of an
    organic coating.
  •  Durapass.780 provides excellent corrosion
    protection and adhesion properties, without
    effecting the brightness and smooth surface.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance                              Yellowish brown Liquid
Specific gravity @ 25oC                      1.0±0.05
PH for (1%)@ 25oC                3.4±0.1
Total Acid point for (1%)                       2.5±0.5


Durapass.780 tanks, pumps, piping should be made
of acid resistant stainless steel, PVC.

Process Sequences


  •  Degreasing /cleaning.
  •  Warm water Rinse
  •  Warm water Rinse
  •  Application using Durapass 780
  •  Air Dry

Operating Parameters

Durapass 780 is ready use product, No

Initial preparation

  • Durapass.780 is used as it is without further
    Dilution fresh continuously, No need for chemical

Storage Information

  • Storage & Handling
    Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a cool,
    well-ventilated area. Do not expose to direct sun.
    Stable nonflammable product. Avoid store near
    alkaline, alcoholic, reducing materials.
    Store in temperature not above 35 oC.

    Shelf Life
    Two years from date of production if stored in normal
    Packaging Type
    HDPE containers , outer sealed with ventilated cap
    Standard Packing
    Durapass 780 is available in 1000 kg IBC.