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Durapass 790

Product description

Durapass.790 is a concentrated chromate based product for passivation of aluminum and steel iron coil coating mprocess lines


Durapass.790 is especially made for coil coat using
Squeegee technology or Chemcoater technology.


  • Durapass.790 is used prior to application of an organic

  • Durapass.790 provides excellent corrosion protection
    and adhesion properties, without effecting the
    brightness and smooth surface.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance              Dark Black Green Liquid
Sp. gr at 25oC                1.095 ± 0.05
PH for (1%) at 25oC              3.2± 0.2
Total Acid point (1%)          1.47 ± 0.08
Miscibility with water                Miscible at all ratio


Durapass.790 tanks, pumps, piping should be made of
acid resistant stainless steel, PVC.

Process Sequences

  •  Degreasing /cleaning.
  •  Warm water Rinse
  • Warm water Rinse
  •  Application using Durapass 790
  •  Air Dry

Operating Parameters

Concentration             20 % to 25 %
pH at 25 oC           2.3±0.4
Total acid point         29 to 37
Temperature (OC)         25 to 45

Initial preparation

  •  Add 200 to 250 liter Durapass.790 and continue
    to 1000 liter of water.
  •  Durapass.790 operating temperature should be
    within the range 25o
    to 45oC
  • Prepare the solution in preparation tank before

dose to tray.