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Durastrip 902

Product description

Durastrip 902 is a mixture of organic solvents and inorganic acid used to strip paints.


Durastrip 902 removes many highly resistant paint finishes such as stowed epoxies, alkyds, powder coatings and acrylics. The stripping action is fast efficient.

Physical Properties

Appearance :Liquid
Color: Colorless to yellowish at25oC: 1.1 ±0.2


Main tank can be fabricated from P.P. lined steel. or fiber glass coated. It is applicable to design tanks in minimum surface area to decrease the evaporation of ingredients.


Water should be added after preparing Dura strip 902 baths to reduce/avoidevaporation loses. A 10 to 15 cm water layer will be enough for the purpose Product is evaporated; hence keep the bath in cold good ventilated area to prevent evaporation of gases.

Operating Parameters

  • Components to be kept immersed until the paint is sufficiently loose and removed by a pressure spray with water or scratch manually. Mild steel surface will be left in a highly active state and will readily rust after rinsing. It’s advisable to treat the article immediately.
  •  Single coat of any paint will be removed within 5 to 10 minutes while hooks having more than 20 to 25 mm coats will take little longer than 30 min.
  •  Product is corrosive and harmful, so safety
    apparatus should be used.(see MSDS)

Process sequence

  •  Stripping with Durastrip 902
  •  Rinsing
  •  Drying

Storage Information

Storage & Handling:
Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Do not expose to direct sun. Stable nonflammable product. Flammable product. Avoid store near ignition, strong oxidizing and reducing agents.
Store in temperature not above 30°C.

Shelf Life: One years from date of production if stored in normal condition.
Packaging Type: HDPE containers, outer sealed with ventilated cap.
Standard Packing: Durastrip 902 is available in 25 Kg Can..