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Durapass SS

Product description

Durapass SS is a liquid acid based on nitric acid.


  • Durapass SS is specially formulated liquid product for stainless steel passivation after the descaling acid used in immersion application.


  •  Durapass SS is formulated as passivation of stainless steel series 200, 300 and series 400 contain 16% or
    more Cr.
  •  Durapass SS is used to enhance the corrosion resistance to achieve satisfactory performance of
    stainless steel parts or where contamination must be avoided.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance :Clear colorless liquid
PH (1% solution)at :25 oC < 3
Density at 25 oC :1.09 ±0.05 g/cm3
Total Acid Point (1% Solution)) :4.1 ± 0.3


Durapass SS tank should be plastic or plastic lined,
pumps fittings in contact must be nitric acid resistance.

Process Sequences

  •  Phosphating with Duraphos products system or galvanizing process.
  •  DI Water Rinse
  •  Passivation with Durapass 712.
  •  Drying

Operating Parameters

Concentration: Used as it is without dilution
Temperature (o C) :20 – 40
Time (min) :30*
*Depending on Alloy of stainless steel.

Process Sequences

  • Cleaning surface from grease, oil and dust.
  •  descaling with Dura pickling liquid
  •  Passivation with Durapass SS
  •  Hot water Rinse.
  •  Drying

Initial preparation:

Durapass SS is used without dilution.

Storage Information

Storage & Handling
Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a cool,
well-ventilated area. Do not expose to direct sun. Stable
nonflammable product. Avoid store near alkaline,
reducing materials. Store in temperature not above
Shelf Life.
Two year from date of production if stored in normal
Packaging Type
HDPE containers , outer sealed with ventilated cap
Standard Packing.
Durapass SS is available in 25kg plastic can, 1000 kg


Before effluent the used Durapass SS should be
neutralized, the acids and fluorides should be