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Duraphos 515

Product description

  • Duraphos.515 is electroless nickel phosphate product produces uniform nickel phosphate coating on iron steel substrate.


  • Duraphos.515 is especially suitable to give Coating thickness about 10-25 µm.
  • Duraphos.515 is made for dipping application and can be used in spray application.
  • Duraphos 515 contains an activation especially formulated to increase the process rate and decrease application time.


Duraphos 515 is a specially formulated product most suitable for steel iron worked without need of electrical rectifier.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Appearance : Green Liquid
PH (1%)  at   25°C : 9.3 ± 0.5
Sp gr. at  25°C : 1.18 ± 0.08
Total Alkaline  point(1%) : 1.18 ± 0.2
Ni +2 (g/l) : 6.7 ± 0.5

Operating Parameters:

Temperature (°C) : 70 to 80
Time (min) : 15 to 20
PH : 8.5-9.5
Nickel  g/l : 5 to 7.8
Activation g/l : 15 to 20


The main process tank and fittings can be fabricated from stainless steel, or alkaline resistance material.

Initial Preparation :

  • Duraphos 515 used without any dilution.

    Solution may be cooled and transferred to a clean storage tank with mild air agitation when the bath is shut out.

Process Control:

  • No job or dummy should be left unattended in the bath, while shutting down.
  • For better results and stable life of bath, the
  • Regular analysis of activation should be carried during the process, replenished by adding Duradd RN.
  • Regular analysis of pH should be carried during the process, corrected by adding Duradd 14 during agitation and heating of the bath.
  • Regular analysis of nickel should be carried during the process, replenished by adding Duraphos 515 during agitation and heating of the bath.
  • Any replenishment should be done when the bath is out of work.
  • Keep the hanging hooks and jigs clean; strip them and clean before loading the job.
  • Start plating on the dummy for 10-15 minutes and then the regular job may be loaded for ENP.

Process Sequences:

  • Cleaning & Degreasing with Duraclean 283 products.
  • Water Rinse.
  • Refining with Hydrochloric acid 16%.
  • Water Rinse.
  • Electroless nickel phosphating with Duraphos 515
  • DI Water Rinse.
  • Drying.


  • Carry over should be avoided as much as possible
  • Oil should be skimmed regularly from the degreasing tank.
  • PH, nickel content, and activation should be checked after each batch treatment and before new batch and especially before replenishment.
  • Rinsing water should be changed frequently.
  • Temperature of the bath should be maintained all the time.
  • Before shutting down, cool the solution below the working temperature; for long time shutting down you can add 100 ml of Glycrine solution (1gm per liter of Glycrine solution) to the working electroless Nickel bath to avoid the possible auto-deposition of Nickel on the walls of the process vessel, pipes, cooling coils etc. With this precaution, the bath can easily be maintained for more than 100 days. Or you can transferee bath to storage tank till reused.