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Dura Quick Dry Primer (Grey)

Product description

This is a one component oxidative drying alkyd coating. It is a fast drying, high build, Barium Sulphate pigmented product. Can be used as primer or mid coat in atmospheric environments. Suitable for properly prepared carbon steel, aluminum and wooden substrates.


An interior / exterior universal primer ideal for structural steel, tanks, piping, and equipment. Intended for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metal, including galvanized metal and aluminum. It provides a hard barrier coating over conventional paints,  which are to be top coated with strong solvent coatings (i.e. industrial enamels and lacquer, epoxy or vinyl coatings).


  •   Coating performance is, in general, proportional to the degree of surface preparation achieved. New and weathered surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease, mildew and wax. Clean to SSPC – SP2 or SP3 hand or power tool cleaning to remove loose
    rust, mill scale and grease. For exterior exposure blast clean to SSPC-SP6.
    Galvanized surfaces must be cleaned in accordance with SSPC SP1 and ensure a minimum surface /anchor profile of 1 mil.


Air Spray, Airless Spray or Dipping.(Brush may be used for small areas)
Dry times at 21oC / 70oF and 40%-60% R.H.:
To Touch: 10-30 minutes
To Handle: 30-60 minutes
To Overcoat: 2 hours minimum

Packaging type

Standard package: 200 Liter


See Material Safety Data Sheet for complete Health and Safety information.
Flammable: This product is flammable. Do not smoke when using this product and ensure  that there are no ignition sources (i.e. pilot lights, gas appliances, power tools and other
electrical devices) in the area of use.
Do not use in confined areas without the proper safety precautions/equipment.

Physical Properties

Density         1.75

Viscosity (2BA:1)              25 Sec.

Solid Content         85

Gloss with Paint@ 60               Matt Finish

Color                          Grey


  •  Storing temperature not exceed more than 30 Celsius.
  •  The transportation trucks and vehicles must be covered well to isolate the coatings
    pails, drums and tins from direct sunlight.
  •  The pails and tins must be stored in dry places away from high humidity.


2 years from manufacture date. (Under normal storage conditions)