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DURA Elastomeric Epoxy

Product description

Epoxy Paint a high quality two-compound (2K) matt finish based on Epoxy resin.


Used as a base for all Metal surfaces, and Concrete Substrates, reinforced for rust & corrosion and moderate chemical resistance.


– Very strong adhesion to various substrates
– Easy to mixing and apply
– High efficiency to close pores
– High Reinforced for Corrosion & Rust and chemical resistance
– Anti-Cracking epoxy topcoat for both metal, and concrete substrates.

Physical Properties

  • – Viscosity:- 450 mPa.s at 25 °C
    – Density:- 1,2 g/cm3
    – Solid Content 75 %
    – Spreading Rate:- 6.5 m2/L.
    – Drying Time:- Touch Dry 4hr. at 25°C
                               Complete Dry 36 hr. at 25°C
    – Color:- Grey.
    – Finish:- Gloss.

Application Data

– Dilution Thinner :- Dura Epoxy Thinner, Or Dura Prime Thinner.
– Mixing Ratio :- 4 Dura Epoxy : 1 Dura Hardener :1 Dura Thinner
– Film Thickness :- W.F.T. 150 microns D.F.T. 120 Microns

– Application Method :- Air Spray Gun – Airless Spray Gun – Possible with Roll For Concrete Substartes, with excellent self-levelling.
– Pot Life: 90 min at 20 C

Surface Preparation

– Surface should be clean & dry.
– Surface should be sanded with sanding paper to improve paint adhesion.
– Surface should be treated with 1-2 layers of DURA Epoxy Primer.


Standard package: 18 Liters


  •  Storing temperature not exceed more than 37 Celsius.
  •  The transportation trucks and vehicles must be covered well to isolate the coatings pails,
    drums and tins from direct sunlight.
  •  The pails and tins must be stored in dry places away from high humidity.


2 years from manufacture date. (Under normal storage conditions)