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DURA Filler 2K

1-Characteristic properties:

Dura PU is a two-component acrylic polyurethane Metal refinishing system and wood & Metal Primering system.
With excellent adhesion, pores filling for substartes, and promoter for Top Coat better adhesion.

2-Materials for application:

Dura Filler 2K – PU Hardener –Dura PU thinner.

3-Suitable substrates & Surface preparation:

– Existing finishes:
Degrease and flat using Sand paper before application of Dura PU System.
– After wet flatting with p800 – p1000 sandpaper or Dry flatting with p360-p400 sandpaper.

4-Mixing ratio (by volume):

  • Dura Filler 2K    100
  • Dura Hardener        50
  • Dura PU Thinner       30:50
  • If longer pot life is required (large objects) use slow thinner   

5-Pot life:

4 hr at 20°C( When mixed with Dura 551)

6-Spraying viscosity:

15-17 Sec/DIN 4mm/20°C.

7-Spraying process:

– Apply 2 single coats.
– Allow 5 to 10 min for flash – off time between coats.
– If forced drying is applied allow a minimum of 5 minutes for flash -off.

8-Special Technique For spot repairs:

– Spray areas under repair until achieving opacity.
– Ensure that each coat extends slightly beyond the previous one.

9-Spray gun fluid tip:

  • Spray gun              Nozzle diameter        Working pressure
    Gravity feed           1.3-1.4 mm                   3 – 4 bar
    Suction feed           1.5-1.7 mm                   3 – 4 bar
    Gravity feed( HVLP)  1.3-1.6 mm              Max.0.7 bar at the air cap
    Suction feed( HVLP) 1.5-1.7 mm                Max0.7 bar at the air cap    
  • Drying               20°C               60°C
    Dust free          25 min             5 min
    Tack free          5 hrs            15 min
    dry to handle    10 hrs          30 min
    Hard dry            16 hrs        45 min 


Taking into account a transfer efficiency of 70% ,the theoretical material usage for one layer is 9 m2 /L ready to spray mixture which calculates to 15 m 2 /L unthinned paint at 25 μ.

12-Cleaning of equipment:

Use Dura thinner 833.


Standard Packing: 18 L, 3L., 25 L & 3.75L and we can save any packing required by the customers.

14- Top Coat Color:

Refer to Dura color card (2 K solid colors).

15-SheLf life:

2 Years (Under Standard storage condition).

16- Storage:

– Pails and tins must stored in a sealed packs in temperature not exceed more than 35 Celsius.
– Store the product in dry place away from high Humidity.


The vehicles used must covered well to isolate the packs away from direct sunlight.