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DURA PU Top Coat (Blue 5002)

1-Characteristic properties:

Dura PU is a two-component acrylic polyurethane Metal refinishing system and wood refinishing system. This system produces solid colors with very accurate color matching. The system is also characterized by its very high gloss, good appearance and outstanding weathering resistance.

2-Materials for application:

Dura PU Top Coat- Hardener –Dura PU thinner.

3-Suitable substrates & Surface preparation:

– Existing finishes:
Degrease and flat before application of Dura PU System.
– Other Dura Filler products :
Dura 2-K filler.

– After wet flatting with p800 – p1000 sandpaper or Dry flatting with p360
-p400 sandpaper.

4-Mixing ratio (by volume):

  • Dura Filler 2K    100
  • Dura Hardener        50
  • Dura PU Thinner       30:50
  • If longer pot life is required (large objects) use slow thinner   

5-Pot life:

4 hr at 20°C( When mixed with Dura 551)

6-Spraying viscosity:

15-17 Sec/DIN 4mm/20°C.

7-Spraying process:

– Apply 2 single coats.
– Allow 5 to 10 min for flash – off time between coats.
– If forced drying is applied allow a minimum of 5 minutes for flash -off.

8-Special Technique For spot repairs:

– Spray areas under repair until achieving opacity.
– Ensure that each coat extends slightly beyond the previous one.

9-Spray gun fluid tip:

  • Spray gun              Nozzle diameter        Working pressure
    Gravity feed           1.3-1.4 mm                   3 – 4 bar
    Suction feed           1.5-1.7 mm                   3 – 4 bar
    Gravity feed( HVLP)  1.3-1.6 mm              Max.0.7 bar at the air cap
    Suction feed( HVLP) 1.5-1.7 mm                Max0.7 bar at the air cap    
  • Drying               20°C               60°C
    Dust free          25 min             5 min
    Tack free          5 hrs            15 min
    dry to handle    10 hrs          30 min
    Hard dry            16 hrs        45 min 


Taking into account a transfer efficiency of 70% ,the theoretical material usage for one layer is 9 m2 /L ready to spray mixture which calculates to 15 m 2 /L unthinned paint at 25 μ.

12-Cleaning of equipment:

Use Dura thinner 833.


Standard Packing: 18 L, 3L., 25 L & 3.75L and we can save any packing required by the customers.

14- Top Coat Color:

Refer to Dura color card (2 K solid colors).

15-SheLf life:

2 Years (Under Standard storage condition).

16- Storage:

– Pails and tins must stored in a sealed packs in temperature not exceed more than 35 Celsius.
– Store the product in dry place away from high Humidity.


The vehicles used must covered well to isolate the packs away from direct sunlight.