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DURA Thinner Cryl Extra 1

Product description

High quality mixed organic solvents.


Used as a diluents for nitrocellulose Primers, surfacers & for general purposes.


  • – High quality thinner
    – Free from moisture and impurities and non-volatile materials

Physical Properties

– Density:-            0.80 ± 0.02 g/cm3
– Flash Point:-         30 at 25°C
– Color:-                  Clear

Health & Safety

– This product is for professional use only. Depending on factors of use.
– The user of this product to be fully aware of national laws relating to health and safety.
– Please refer to can labels and Safety Data Sheets concerned for more specific information.


     17 L, Drum 200 L


2 years from manufacture date. (Under normal storage conditions)


  • Storing temperature not exceed more than 30 Celsius.
  •  The transportation trucks and vehicles must be covered well to isolate the coatings pails,
    drums and tins from direct sunlight.
  • The pails and tins must be stored in dry places away from high humidity.