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Product description

SUGEST QUAT 90 is a Quaternary TEA ester, C16-18 and C18 unsat, methosulfate. SUGEST QUAT 90 is vegetable origin produced by quaternized fatty acid triethanolamine ester, Palm base via SUGEST batch process technology.

Function and benefits

SUGEST QUAT 90 products are biodegradable surfactants with anti-static, Anti-wrinkle and softening properties.

SUGEST QUAT 90 It is ideally suited for the formulation of household and industrial fabric softeners from 3% viscous to 25% fluid active concentrations.

SUGEST QUAT offers excellent softening without that “greasy feeling”, good antistatic and rewetting properties, do not spoil fabric colors (non-yellowing on cloths), provide easier ironing and drying, Wrinkle Free Clothes, gently untangles fiber after the wear and tear of the wash.
quaternary ammonium compounds.


Home care, Institutional and Industrial products.


• Fabric Softeners
• Textile Applications
• textile auxiliaries
• Textile Softeners


Appearance : White to pale yellow Solid Paste

Active Matter (%):  88 – 92

Isopropanol (%) : Max 10

pH (5%) at 20°C : 2.0 – 3.0

Water (%) : Max 0.5

Storage Conditions

• Store in a cool, dry and good ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed after opening in original containers. Prevent direct sun light or ignition sources.

• Storing Temperature Limit: between 25 °C and 40 °C

• Maximum Storage Period: 12 Months under storage conditions.


160 kg, HDPE drum.


Use only proper quantity of product. Upon contact with a person’s eyes, it can cause irritation. The eyes should be flushed out with water for at least 15 minutes, and if the irritation continues or increases, seek medical help. Put on appropriate personal protective equipment according to the safety data sheet. Use wear gloves, eye and face protection for safe use of the product. See more details in the MSDS.